With the aim of taking saddle fitting to the next level, an international team of experts is currently collaborating on a teaching project to develop a wide-ranging training programme for all equestrian professionals.

MSFConnection is a learning initiative of the Master Saddle Fitting Consultants Academy.

At MSFConnection we believe that the influence of the rider and the saddle on the horse is enormous and for a very long time has been underestimated and even denied. Working on a multidisciplinary base has been one of the primary goals of the MSFC Academy from the start. Animal physiotherapists, vets, farriers and trainers as well as saddle fitters already attend MSFC courses. It’s now time to take saddle fitting to the next level and put it into a broader spotlight as we take wider learning opportunities to equine professionals.

An international team of highly knowledgeable professionals, all specialised in back problems in relation to ill-fitting saddles and bad rider influence, are therefore putting their heads together. A number of intensive continuous professional development (CPD) courses are currently under development and a series of online video presentations by internationally renowned specialists is being filmed to share knowledge internationally.

Research projects in collaboration with veterinary universities are also in the pipeline.

MSFConnection founder, Dr Gerry van Oossanen, firmly believes that by increasing knowledge about the horse/rider/saddle relationship, it would become “the accepted norm” for equestrian professionals – including saddle fitters – to work together. Back problems and lameness caused by saddles and/or riders can therefore be spotted sooner and serious problems much more frequently prevented.

Our Facebook page will keep you updated while we construct this website to form a specialised CPD course directory and learning resource for equine professionals.