Dr. Gerry van Oossanen

Gerry studied Veterinary Rehabilitation Medicine and Sciences at the Universities of Antwerp and Utrecht and graduated on equine movement science (research subject: the triangle horse-saddle-rider) and has a Masters degree in Equine Physical Therapy Science. She is also a chartered animal physical therapist, certified acupuncturist and certified equine thermographer (Ohio State University). She is the Founder and Director of the Academy for Master Saddle Fitting Consultants. She has specialized in back and neck disorders (especially in relation to saddles and bridles), and neurologic movement disorders and she developed a special back friendly horse & rider rehab training program. She set up the first Rehab Centre for Horse & Rider, which she run for many years in The Netherlands before she recently moved to France. Since Gerry is always looking to implement new ideas, new research and new theories she founded the MSFConnection, together with Caroline Lindsay.

Caroline Lindsay

Caroline is a UK based RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners) registered Veterinary Physiotherapist (CEPT) whose training is underpinned by a First Class Honours degree that qualified her to treat human athletes before equine athletes. Now with 18 years’ professional experience combining manual and electrotherapy techniques with rehabilitative and ‘pre’habilitative exercise programmes, she is also a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant with a special interest in saddle fitting for the horse in rehabilitation and/or with related postural issues. Caroline is also a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapy clinical educator and runs regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses for equine therapists and saddle fitters in her Training Manager role for Dr Gerry van Oossanen’s MSFConnection CPD initiative. Caroline was the horse and rider performance enhancement therapist who help the youngest rider on the smallest horse achieve their dream of competing in the 4* Eventing discipline at the 2012 Olympics.

Dr. Annemarie van Gelder

Annemarie van Gelder graduated in Human Physiotherapy and in Animal Physiotherapy in Gent (Belgium). In 2007 she graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht, specializing in equine health. During her veterinary study she also completed the F.E.S. equine chiropractic study. Annemarie is also qualified in Equine Dry-needling, MLD, Chain-taping and orthomolecular feeding. Because of her interest in the influence of correct saddle fit, she went on to achieve her MSFC qualification. Since 2005 Annemarie is also a teacher/assessor at the Animal Physiotherapist Training in The Netherlands and since 2017 she is also a teacher/assessor at the MSFC Academy. Annemarie runs with her partner a busy equine veterinary practice in Nijkerk, The Netherlands, offering comprehensive multidisciplinary equine rehabilitation options. Here, she also provides the opportunity for equine professionals to follow a diversity of seminars and courses formulated for veterinarians and physiotherapists as well as for horse owners.

Jo Parkman

Jo holds a Master’s Degree in Equine Science and a First Class Honours degree in Agricultural Science.  Her research on navicular syndrome sparked her interest in equine biomechanics.  Jo was one of the first Equine TTEAM Practitioners in the UK and was taught directly by Linda Tellington-Jones. Jo is a qualified Adult Teacher and lectured up to degree level. She was also post-16 education equine inspector for Ofsted as an HMI with a career of some 15 years as an education inspector. Jo has 25 years’ professional experience of working with horses with behavioural and training problems. Recognising the detrimental influence of discomfort on sports horses’ performance led to Jo qualifying as a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant. Jo’s equine therapy practice, Equicorrect, operates across the UK and South-West France, where she is based. Jo’s passion is enabling sports horses to fulfil their potential.