What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It is a process of engaging in, reflecting on and documenting an individual’s personal learning, knowledge and experience gained both formally and informally, in addition to or continued beyond their initial training. As well as serving to keep the professional updated with their skills, knowledge and trends, it can be a useful tool in guiding the professional towards their career goals as well as gaining the opportunity to engage with their peers.

Why CPD?

MSFC is passionate about the need for equine professionals to continue to develop their knowledge and understanding and to have the opportunity to share their expertise to address more effectively the problems faced by many modern sports horses. CPD allows professionals to continue to expand their personal learning, knowledge and experience and to ensure they stay up to date in a fast moving modern world.

What are the features of CPD?

CPD should be:

  • A documented process – so that individuals have a record of what they have done and when
  • Self-directed – each professional can decide which activities they participate in depending on their individual interests
  • Focused on developing and broadening existing knowledge and skills
  • A mix of both formal and informal learning

What will it achieve?

Membership of professional associations normally require participation in a CPD programme. However, even if participation is not mandatory engaging in CPD brings significant benefits to all equine professionals. It can:

  • Help individuals decide on a career path and identify their goals and aspirations
  • Highlight and fill gaps in a professional’s skills and capabilities
  • Help formulate CVs or provide information for job interviews
  • Demonstrate professional standing to clients and employers
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Provide professionals with a more rounded knowledge of their industry
  • Build networks of contacts to increase access to the skills and knowledge of other professionals
  • Allow professionals to stay up to date with developments and research in their industry to the benefit of their clients